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Essential Tips To Win In Tower Defence Games!

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Essential tips to win in Tower defence games!

Tower games are one of the best games in the world that run with a specific objective of killing and tackling enemies and accomplishing the same. However, one needs to keep some things in their minds while playing tower defence games. Do not worry about them! We have it sorted for you by lining up some of the best tips to win in Tower defence games. Take a look at them one by one!

Tower Defence Games

  • Make sure that you place towers with a short-range, which would be the usual ones you afford at the beginning that are powerful and short-ranged, as close as possible to the maze’s turning points. In this way, the enemies will keep firing for a long time, in return helping you to get ready to attack!
  • Ensure that you use slowing effects. The best time to use them is to put them before the groups of towers resulting in inflict massive damage!
  • It is advisable to place the long-ranged towers inclining towards the middle of the map. Always consider upgrading them because most of the time, range will be increased because of the same. This will help you to cover a large area of the path that the enemy walks upon!
  • Know that the existence of poison towers is nothing. Still, they belong to the starting of the maze at precalculated intervals, resulting in the poisoning of the enemy again when the effect stops
  • If you are confident about dealing with self-healing enemies almost perfectly, refrain yourselves from scattering your towers too much; because you will not want them to have enough time to regain their health.
  • In any game, upgrading and a bit of knowledge about the same are required to win. You will have to know about upgrading in tower games and figure out which tower is worth upgrading. Because, sometimes, upgrading a slow tower would be more useful for your defense and cheaper too. This is way better than upgrading an entire group of towers. However, towards the end of the game and on small maps, you will have to with quality over quantity to win the game!

  • Some enemies tend to be more susceptible to damage from specific towers in some tower defense games. A player’s responsibility or skills can be decided when they find out and use it against the enemies!
  • As soon as you start playing the tower game in the initial stage, you will be able to play with short-range towers. So, it is all about the knack of maximising the short-ranged towers in the locations. All you would have to do is place them as near as possible that will, in turn, help you to fire for a more extended time and hit more enemies!

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