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Duke Of Defense Game

Prepare to get immersed in a defense game where enemies will constantly watch you. A universe that is full of witty characters and intriguing situations. Don't panic while playing the game, as obsessively watchful townsfolk and
pompous magicians will surround you.

Build Towers

Get ready to build a formidable defense with nine-strong towers, each one with a more distinct feature.

Waves Of Enemies

As you progress through the game, use upgrades to strengthen your avatar to defeat your opponents.

Slash Goblins

Awaken your deadly instinct and attack goblins with your weapon to erect towers as quickly as possible.


Collect Coins From Fallen Foes

Collecting coins from slain opponents will allow you to increase the number of coins in your inventory. 

Tower Defense Role Playing Strategy!

Using creative techniques, you can defend the towers alone or invite your buddies to help you in a position more important than a warrior could ever hope for!

tower defense game

Prepare your weapons and shield to protect your towers like a hero. Use unique strategies to win the game and enjoy the entire duration of your game with simple humor to keep you entertained in a stressful setting. Don't pass up this chance to play the game and defend your towers with immense zeal.



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Lawrence Hopper

Duke of Defense is a well-executed tower protection game with hack and
slash elements.

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Clifford Sosa

Even for beginners, the player's attacking mode is clear and simple to use. The ability to personally strike the opponents is fascinating.

image (84)

Robert Jones

I would recommend this game to anyone searching for an action-packed tower defense game.

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